Every passing minute, we are extracting 6,000 tons of oil out of the ground.

Every passing minute, we are throwing away 600 tons of plastic, of which 60 tons goes into the sea.

Every passing minute, we are extracting oil out of the ground and dumping it, in the form of plastic, into the sea.                       


Rather than giving value to plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and other fantastic matters we use, we consider it as "waste" and throw it away...


FANTASTIC MATTERS is a projet aiming at changing our vision about fantastic matters considered by some as "waste". Within this project, PLASTIC FANTASTIC is a performance where waste is used to create live sound and scenography, while it reminds us about how humanity is frenetically extracting oil, turning it into plastic, throwing it into the sea…


In France, FANTASTIC MATTERS is associated to the JEUNES FERUS Project, which started in Charlieu-Belmont in 2023. Through discovery and artistic creation workshops, DESCOBRIR offered young people an artistic and cultural discovery that aims to explore and create sounds, movement, music and dance, and then create a short form of performance.

Within this framework, 15  workshops were proposed between April and June 2023, providing educational and fun opportunities for exchange around several activities associated with the artistic professions (dance and movement, music and sound creation, stage design, technical management). Then, a 5-day artistic residency took place in July in Charlieu. During this artistic residency, the young participants were accompanied in the creation of a short form of performance, in all its aspects (dance and movement, music and sound creation, scenography, technical management). This artistic creation was associated with the theme of materials, waste and recycling. The short form thus created was shown during the festival LES FÉRUS.


In Mozambique, FANTASTIC MATTERS brought in 2023 the performance PLASTIC FANTASTIC in several schools of Macaneta, in the district of Marracuene. The performance was followed with interactions with the kids and teachers. In 2024, DESCOBRIR plans to work together with a group of young people in an artistic residency. More information coming soon.

The performance and the articipation to the artistic residencies are free thanks to the support of our partners:


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