"Even though we seem to be isolated, we think we are individualities, we are together." The contemporary dance piece CONEXÃO was created in 2017, between Senegal and Mozambique. It was premiered in 2018 at the VISÕES URBANAS festival in São Paulo, Brazil. The themes are the connection existing between all things and the comparison of natural and urban rhythms, these themes being proposed by a woman. It is a common breath with the audience, an invitation to slow down the rhythm before finding it again as the dancer faces her challenges in today's world.


It is a 35 minutes performance that can be presented in urban as well as natural spaces, with basic technical requirements (1 sound system and 3 light projectors depending on the natural light).




Between 2018 and 2020, DESCOBRIR,in partnership with Mário Cumbana, photographer and videographer. implemented the CONEXÃO PROJECT as an experimental artistic, social and citizenship project that brought the performance CONEXÃO for free to 7 public places in Maputo, capital of Mozambique and its periphery, for a public not necessarily accustomed to contemporary dance. Throughout the project, images, sounds and reflections were captured, based on the relationships and interactions that emerged around the performances.With the images, sounds and reflections captured throughout the project, the installation CONEXÃO 2.0 was created with 7 multidisciplinary points that reflect the reactions and interactions experienced in and around Maputo. 


The installation adapts to the space where it is presented and allows the audience to wander through the different stations. Therefore, the public realizes through a poetic walk what happened in Maputo and its periphery, and finally lives its own experience of the performance as it shows up within the installation CONEXÃO 2.0. It is a 55 minutes performative installation, made of 15 minutes of walking around and 35 minutes of performance, which requires more technical equipment (4 projection spaces, at least 2 sound systems and 3 light projectors).





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