DESCOBRIR proposes WORKSHOPS for dancers as well as for general audience. Every workshop is a moment of sharing techniques and energies to promote the creativity of each participants and to cultivate their inner FIRE.

All workshops follow 5 key values:

  • RYTHM - Find your own rythm, as there are always many rythms to be found in the same sounds.
  • FREEDOM - Be free to express, as there is no wrong or right movement.
  • INDIVIDUALITY - As in the nature, there is biodiversity in Humanity, which allows you to be you.
  • INCLUSION - Although everyone is everyone, we are all part of the same Everything : everyone must feel a part of the group.
  • MUTUAL LEARNING - Learn from others. Be a dancer, choreographer and spectator at the same time.

for All

Like the waves, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down, but there is always movement, infinite possibilities and results The WaveWalk technique is an exploratory technique aimed at helping practitioners find or discover and enjoy their own dance.

for girls & women

Workshops with a specific approach for women, focusing on connection to the earth to cultivate grounding and security. The connection with the air is also emphasized to cultivate creativity and inner fire. Trusting your body, getting out of your head, creating a safe space to experience different things, learning to choose...